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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 11, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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le were shot last night. tara moriarty just spoke to the police and is back right now to tell us what they are saying. >> there has been a shooting in vallejo he have single day last week. now the intensity of the shooting was evident and strepping across the suspects were firing a high powered rifle and pistol as a white car as it drove by. bullets ridelled the side of the car and crashed through the win dope and officers found a man and woman in the back seat, hurt, two male victims were pounding on neighbor's doors for help.
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>> we contacted victims and they didn't want to say who they were. >> reporter: now all four victims were taken to area hospitals, one received ahead wound and one is expected to survivor. we just foe it was a small gray white car. they had to call canyon police for back up and we will tell you what they are saying as far as crime trends go here in the city of vallejo, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man was gunned down in richmond. dozens were there where he was shot and killed late tuesday morning. oh was taking part in a job training program when several gunmen opened fire. richmond's police chief was
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also there at that vigil and he called on witnesses at the shooting to come forward. they say actually violent crime is down and so far there are 37 reported shootings in vallejo last year, 40 in 2011. homicides have gone down as well, 18 at this time last year, down to lend. two senators have introduced legislation to expand background checks on gun buyers. the national rifle association is responding to the proposed legislation. he is reportedly dropping his stungun proposal. he planned on giving stunguns to 5% of the police force but
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that decision came after they demanded and he is still exploring ways to do that. and it allegedly shows her using an unknown object to strike a student. this cell phone video was apparently shot by an elk grove teacher and we have a crew on the way. security cameras are being inn fall stalled after half of -- over over half of them after a four weeks span of burglaries happened in march. they advice business owners to take cash out of their
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registers after closing and some business owners are putting in security cameras. a very unique family has moved into san jose and christian captain is along the hp pavilion and here is more on why this family is so unusual. >> we moved to give you an up close view. wildlife photographer shot some fantastic video of the beaver which is peers to be a pregnant mother and two pups and this is the first time they have been spotted on the guadeloupe river in 158 years and they are hoping this is a sign that the
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beaver's natureel habitat, we have been trying to keep an eye on them to see if we can spot them and so far nothing, birds have been maybe getting a little morning drink and we will continue to monitor here and this is probably one of the pre-down our where we will keep our eyes live, for now christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. in the san francisco bay area, ed lee, it allows them to host super bowl 50 in santa clara. ktvu channel 2 morning news has learned former quarterback steve young and former coach steve will be trying to bring the super bowl back to the bay
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area in 201. next month, they will decide whether or they will host it. they have turned down a request for a face-to-face meeting. they will meet with bud sellic talking about the plan to move the a's back to san jose but he denied the league is dragging its feet on san jose's ballpark plan. he said the commissioner he appointed are in constant contact with city leaders in both san jose and in oakland. 6:08 l.a. time we checked in with sal he said you needed to update and it looks like you did, sal. got off the phone shall he said that they are now running
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trains through the area and they have recovered after the earlier delays and they are recovering after earlier delays but there was fluid spilled on the track and they had to clean it up for a bit. we had kind of an earlier delay and i wonder if this was correlated with the bart problems. we see some flashing tow truck lights and i can see the toe trucks are light. getting news of a new injuries accident, you can see the yellow indicators, they are headed to an injury crash, we will let you know more coming up, steve? thank you, sal. cooler fog, there is already some and it is not solid on the coast but what is solid, 25 and
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gusts up to 45 for some, a good drop, about the same tomorrow and it may ramp up the wind again on monday and we will keep an eye on that and it looks like there is hints of that coming up again. it has allowed the sea breeze to come back and it was held in check but not today chuck e.had a light rain and 40s and 50s here, but we had a northeast wind, gusts up to 29 and all the way to fairfield, 60 and 74. so the sea breeze is really, it was itching to go and yesterday
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was the warmest day by far, we had mid-80s, livermore 80s and santa rosa down to san jose, fog, cooler coast and bay if not 50 and 60s. not much claim but we have the possibility of a cooler pattern. people are seeing several storms pass through and missouri anarch saw are some of the states already hit with damaging tornadoes. three tornadoes touched down yesterday but nobody was seriously hurt. in arkansas the tornadoes damaged several homes and left thousands without power. millions of cars are being rolled by -- recalled by honda and nissan, which molds are being -- models are being
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. welcome back, time now 6:15, honda nissan they are
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recalling cars because the airbags are sending pieces flying. most are affected from the year 2000 to 2004 and so far there are no words of any injuries. they are returning to capitol hill and they are starting a debate on new gun laws. members of the clergy are creating a mock cement any. the crosses represent those killed as a result of gun violence since sandy hook elementary school back on december 14th. kyla campbell tells us how the nra, national rifle association is reacting to this proposed legislation in the senate. >> reporter: pennsylvania
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republican pat says they were in constant talks with the lobbying group to include this with background checks and expanding background checks they say will not solve violent crimes and will not keep our kids safe in schools and this bill also zeros in on mental health. it requires them to submit mental health information and they will be submitted to background checks and there punish states that do not comply with this new rule. felt hours get underway in just minute minutes. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man is allege dollarsly
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stalking victims. in late february, he was emailing, calling and using social media to contact victim's families. this was the area where he was arrested. none of it was threatening but he is facing telephone harassment and stalking charges. north korea says they have powerful strike being means on standby for a missile launch. and the almost daily threats. no govern governments have made any moves from either south korea or north korea and they are due to arrive to talk about this tense situation with north korea. a standoff has forced people to get out of their cars and run for cover on highway 101. a suspect in the red was
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holding a knife when he stopped traffic and cameras were rolling when he was stopped by sheriff's deputies. coming up, why they fired their stunguns seven times. and boys scouts of america will consider a ban on days, some are pressuring the boy scouts to make those changes and it would strip the organize -- organization of nonprofit organization status. opponents call the bill unconstitutional and an inn fridge. on -- infringes am on freedom of association. >> they are using a process as a billy club to force nonprofit organizations to change their public viewpoint. >> i think they do a lot of -- a lot of great stuff but not to
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demonize them but it's time for a change. garbage pick up, they stopped picking up the trash and that disruption affected bay areas which include bay area and fairfield. monday and wednesday customers were not affected. that with friday services returned you will-year-old this week and friday services will resume today and tomorrow. -- friday services returned this week and will resume today and tomorrow. along with the traditional blue and gold colors, the new uniforms make them look slimmer and trimmer.
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it will not cost anything and it is part of the university's deal with nike. let's follow the crash in the south bay, sal? that's right, claudine, dave? on milpitas, it is blocking the left lane because traffic will be slowing them down and that's officially the right direction but you might get it as well. if you are driving south to fremont, nothing just major yet but they came on a metering light and it is a different pattern. 70s near the coast, some patchy low clouds by the way i should say good morning, for those of you watching us on a
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treadmill machine, sometimes we are on there. a little system in the sierra nevada and reno, most of that is on the east side but it has done two things that turn around and turn it around westerly and they are a good thing and at f a o am they had a west wind at 15 so that system allowed them to do their job am and there is some patchy low clouds and the system on monday continues to give snow, rain, freezing rain out ahead of it all the way down to the deep south again. 46 in lake tahoe, ukiah, with 81 degrees and it is definitely
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going to change our patternel much cooler compared to 80s yesterday, berkeley 64, oakland down from 80 to 66, pittsburgh 67 and 72 in gilroy, 76 in santa cruz, way down to 68 pacifica half-moon bay, burlingame and san mateo, not much change into the weekend, there may be some more win kicking up sunday into monday. it is a movie that won an oscar, why the chinese government removed it on its opening day. >> mom, he said, take nice deep breaths, she said she is trying. an east bay girl calls 911 to help her mom, how she is being honored today.
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original screen play. it focuses on a slave who kills slave owners. a man was arrested after a standoff with sheriff's deputies right in the middle of a highway. he had a knife when he crossed all lanes in santa barbara county and some of the frightened drivers got out of the cars and started running away. news cameras started running when he was finally subdued. deputies had fired stunguns five times and used bean bag runs, and faces assault with a deadly weapon against a 4th grader. she will be helping her sid -- she will be honored for helping her sick mother for calling 911. she is sick and throwing up
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really bad. >> all right, i will stay on the phone with you. >> and like sometimes she was falling and fainting. >> that was oleksiy who -- alexis who helped her mom by calling 911 and today they will recognize her in a special ceremony for helping her mother. we have some issues going on everywhere. we have the next traffic update and on the sunole grade traffic southbound is still moving well. let's go to steve. fog is back, for those of you who are talking speed, please i can't stand it over 75
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degrees and today she will not be as happy because of the weather. >> i will always be happy with you. and overnight pursuit that ended in a muni bus and a fire hydrant. four people were shot while driving their car. we will tell you why the victims in this case are making the investigation difficult to track down the suspect is. something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
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. on wall street, there are new jobless numbers showing unemployment applications plummeted and it is very exciting in terms of hiring and futures are opening higher this morning. we will smile and say good
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morning to you, it is thursday april 11th. >> and i am claudine wong, in for pam cook. your time 6:31. >> the suspects ran into a bus and a fire hydrant. lorraine blanco is live and she said it started outside the bay area, right? >> reporter: that's right, dave, police tell us the nissan was carjacked out of mad dea, drug enforcement administration defendant tow and the car ended up on the corner of haven'tness -- corner of vanness was left a mess and chp ran in and during that chase, the suspect slammed
6:30 am
into a fire hydrant and ploughed into a brick wall. he noticed the driver had taken off. >> it was real quick, real quick, like three or four seconds and i don't know whoever it was they were pretty fast. if they crashed, they just got out and they were gone. they ran. >> reporter: a witness said, at least two men fled on union and the car was towed a short time ago. police say there were no injuries and they don't think there were any passengers on that muni bus. there is a new development and they have found the car used by the gunman. clint bowyer was shot in the head at a stop sign. he died two days later. they found the car right near
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the elementary school one day after the shooting. we now have new information on the roadway shooting. four people were hurt and tara moriarty spoke to police a short time ago. she joins us with more, tara? >> reporter: investigators say four people were driving in their car when somebody leaned out of the car when two people leaned out from a passing car and shot at them. more than 30 bullet casings littered the roadway indicating just how intense this was, and then shots were fired at 10:15 last night and they fired a high caliber pistol at a white car. bullets ridelled the side of the car and crashed into a
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parked car and they found a man and a woman inside a car who had been shot. they were pounding on men and women's doors for help. incredibly the number of bullet casings is not unusual for vallejo. >> typically we see multiple gunshots and we have up to 80 to 100 shootings a year. they are lucky or perhaps they are bad shots. all are expected to survive. officers are not cooperating and it is possible they could know the suspect. their description is a little vague, it is a small car either white or gray and if we get any
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information about that suspect vehicle we will pass it along to you. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. they have arrested two men wanted for a string of brazen armed robberies. the video was taken in late january. you can see the two men walking in and right there you see the man going behind the employee and pointing it at his head. he also demand cash. >> he shot up in the air and then he opened the register. >> continuing with the robbery they got what they went there for, they got their money and ended up fleeing the business. >> they are responsible for at least seven armed robberies since january and there is now a $20,000 reward in the case. in a couple of hours, they
6:34 am
will be ited. anybody who came into on tact, that student contract being tuberculosis is only about 10%. they will move about 400 jobs out of the bay area compared to the previously planned 800. a company spokesperson said they will be relocating from san ramon to houston. they are considering moving out 800 jobs to texas and it represent is the 11% of chevron's east bay headquarters. it will transform the waterfront along the oakland estuary. the area is called the brooklyn basin and they plan on adding more commercial space and more than 3,000 apartments and 2000
6:35 am
job. an investment group in china, the plan is to begin in 2014. it is very busy, how is it looking now? >> it's still busy, claudine, you have to give yourself a little bit of extra time and it is about a 25 minute delay if you are at the end of the line. maybe some people got out okay, there are no major problems and notice, there was clear weather and the only place i saw that was at the san mateo toll plaza. steve knows where it is. that is what steve does. one of our producers just confirmed to us, oh, yeah, it is there and it is causing slow
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traffic in the northbound direction. >> what is my job, sal? >> your job is meteorologist. i think the bigger story was wind direction and temperatures were in the 60s at this time for many, temperatures are a little cooler fog sun breezy and maybe late son day and monday. we may go from one extreme to a big patent and between now and then it will be a subtle change as we go into the weekend. a little system right there is producing light rain up in the reno area and it's done by now and also chuckee. 59 in oakland and yesterday at this time they were 64 and
6:37 am
that's a big drop in temperatures. still a slight component for santa rosa and the fog is back. fso, gusts up to 39 out from the west and everything is setting up for a cooler pattern and that system did allow the change in weather. yesterday there were 40s and 50s and we will our warm up and we will keep it there. temperatures are 70s and upper 70s closer to the coast and bay. oakland san leandro coming governor sarah coming way down and they are the two -- they are the two warmest i can see.
6:38 am
not much change, we have to keep an eye on things if we ramp up that wind again. lawmakers are finalizing a plan for immigration plans and details on a 10 year plan and the compromises involved. a teacher is on administrative leave for allegedly hitting a student. northbound 280, downtown san jose still looking good and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. listening but we have a cooler pattern and temperatures are coming down 10 or 15 degrees. >> good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories, right now 6:43 just hours ago, water shot into the air after a stolen car crashed into a muni bus and then into a fire hydrant. the car had been hijacked in modesto several days ago and now they are searching for two suspects. the police chief is reportedly dropping his plans
6:42 am
to use stunguns. chronicles are now reporting they have put down that proposal and in washington they take up the debate for gun control. a bipartisan bill on gun buyers is being considered, however they will block debates on any gun control. she allegedly hit a student while in class. -- while in class. they have details on this investigation, brian? >> claudine, we are outside of the school. >> reporter: school officials are currently investigating and the teacher in question is currently on administrate -- administrative leave and go ahead and take a look at the video that is raising some questions this morning. this is video shot apparently by a student in class and they
6:43 am
are putting it above and below the desk. was it a clear-cut case but this video does not indicate and that's what school officials need to answer. but we do know it was posted on bay area and the deeper in the video is seen talking to a few students and hits one student with an unknown object and it happened before spring break. it is also reported the teacher was at work monday but was not at work and they are working towards having more information and we will bring that to you.
6:44 am
brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. bipartisan information bill gives homeland security $3 billion and 10 years to upgrade border enforcement. the goal continues surveillance of every inch of the border. legislation does not include a provision to stop immigrants from getting citizenship if enforcement benchmarks are not met. rallies for immigrant rights were held here in the bay area and around the country yesterday. hundreds marked down market street in san francisco but they are worried about getting deported if they can't agree on immigration reform. organizers were protesting deportation and detention of low-level fine fans.
6:45 am
>> it. >> yesterday afternoon firefighters responded to calls of a medical emergency. when they arrived on the scene the homeowner pulled a gun. the man's house was in foreclosure and wanted utilities turned back on. it is not clear if the homeowner was shot by police or if he shot himself. entry into the powerball drawing is called a big success. more than $3 million in tickets were sold but nobody won the big prize. the jackpot was estimated at $60 million. last night's winning numbers were 1, 36, 40, 52 and 57. the powerball number won the jackpot am that was up to $71
6:46 am
million. the commute is getting busy, isn't it, sal? >> you know, i listen to the radios and i just heard something going on in san francisco but first let's do a traffic update and we will get back to that let's look at the toll plaza backed up and the metering lights are on and traffic is moving okay. full thank of gas, this is a look at the san jose area, seen earlier northbound, one of our crews drove by but slow traffic remains. let's go to steve.
6:47 am
>> it is not widespread. i am up in reno and it is 47 degrees and raining. our system came by and we are significantly cooler than we this time yesterday and it is a good 10 to 12 degrees and it is a little cold front which turns things around and we topped out yesterday which was incredible and we had the warmest day but now everything has turned around and we have a temperature drop but there is a temperature drop all the way out to the delta, 50s, $60 and 70s -- 60s and 70s. another big day is on top for the weekend. housing is improving. the number of foreclosures
6:48 am
dropped from the year earlier. banks repossessed 40,000 across the country and that's considered a normal number. but at the height of the recession, repossessions topped 10,000 a month. market fell 14% during the first quarter, acer fell even more and acer fell 19%. shoppers are turning away from pcs to smart phones and tablets. we are about to show you what happened on a hawaiian fishing trip and all of it was caught on cameras. what happened when a passenger pulled out a stungun
6:49 am
to help a man on a bart train, we will explain.
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6:51 am
. we have breaking news in san francisco, we have a house fire on holiday avenue between right and -- between caesar
6:52 am
chavez and another area street. this is a full fire alarm response and engine 9 is first due at this fire and they have arrived and you will see smoke rising and we are not sure if anybody has been injured and stay with ktvu channel 2 morning news and we will let you know if anything is coming up. a close call for a fisherman in hawaii, a 10-foot tiger shark tried to steal his fish. he was relation in a tuna when the shark first came around, he kept trying to real it in but the shark kept coming back for more. it is unusual to catch a tiger shark on camera. a big redwood street crashed down into this home
6:53 am
fell down about 3:00 and pg&e said the tree knocked down power lines and a transformer. a woman used a stungun who attacked a man on a train. he was taking up two seats on a packed train yesterday morning and when a 62-year-old passenger tried to sit down, he became aggressive and attacked the older man and that's when another passenger stepped in and zacked -- zapped him with a stungun. he is getting hurt more seriously than he was. he was arrested on suspicious and could -- on suspicion and could face up to a year in jail. the woman is not facing any charges with the stungun. george gas cone will talk about the danger they are resent -- presenting for
6:54 am
pedestrians. they will hold a news conference and gas cone said distracted driving is leaving the state with the number of pedestrians while moving in across walk. in san francisco, fire is rising from a home on holiday avenue. this is very close to caesar chavez and 101. firefighters are seeming to making progress and now it seems to be dying down, we are not sure if anybody was injured and we will let you know what is going on, on holiday and san francisco. traffic is backed up for a 20 minute delay and bart had earlier problems but now bart is recovering and they are on time. 6:37 let's go to steve. patchy low clouds, some on
6:55 am
the coast, not all over the place, this system is open to a westerly breeze, 50s, 60s and 70s. coming up on mornings on 2, what firefighters found after they raced to a popular restaurant. a shooting in vallejo, we are getting new information from police, stay with us.
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>> reporter: we'll tell you what brought san jose firefighters to this shops center and why they are already breaking down. we're live in vallejo where police are searching for the suspect who shot at four people while they were driving. we'll tell you what we know about the getaway car. it's a story we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a stolen car leads to big trouble in one san francisco neighborhood. and the crisis in korea. the surprising new statement from the south korean government. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell.
6:58 am
we want to go right to sal now with breaking news from san francisco. sal? >> all right. the smoke that was rising has become much less now. it's a house fire on holiday avenue between wright and peralta avenue. this fire is very close to cesar chavez street and highway 101. fire crews arrived on the scene. they were dispatched at 6:48. they got their quick. i heard the radio call during one of my traffic reports. they got there and knocked this down. it was reportedly a fire that started in the garage of this house and you can definitely see that there's smoke coming up but they have -- but they've declared the fire contained at this time in san francisco. stay with ktvu. we'll let you know as we find out more about the fire. we don't know if anyone has been injured or not. back to the desk. thank you, sal. also happening now in san jose, within the past hour, firefighters raced to the scene
6:59 am
of a popular south bay restaurant. ktvu's christien kafton joins us live from the scene to tell us what they found when they got there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at the shopping center. you can see the crew breaking it down. they were called out here to this pasta pamaadora. there was an alarm alerting them that a sprinklerhead activated. we have video shot by one of our ktvu producers on a mobile phone. you can see how seriously they -- they took this incident. by the time they arrived on scene five minutes after that initial call, they found there was, in fact, no fire here, just steam from a sprinkler dumping water in the kitchen at the pasta restaurant. firefighters say this happens occasionally. it appears at this time, that a stove may


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